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Spot on treatment application tool


Combat Comb is an easy to use tool for applying spot on treatment like flea and tick preventatives to dogs, cats, horses, or any furry friend. It gets treatments all the way down to the skin where they are most effective and keeps them off of you!


See Combat Comb in action!

The patented design of Combat Comb was created using a low friction, chemically resistant resin that slides through the fur creating a perfect part all the way to the skin.  

Features & Benefits



Combat Comb shields your hands and protects you  from topical treatments meant for your animal!


Fast & Simple

Combat Comb is fast to use and alleviates stress from both you and your animal!


Combat Comb makes applying topical treatments alone easy, especially with uncooperative pets!

Dog considering disease risk from ticks,


Combat comb gets the medication all the way to the skin where it is most effective

What Pet Owners Say

"This really works!!"

This really works!! 
My two small dogs got a bad case of the fleas recently. I applied the flea medication to both their backs, trying to get the medicine down to the skin as directed through their thick, course hair and days later I found I had little to no progress with treating them. 
The problem was that I was unable to make good skin contact with the medication. By using my fingers to part the fur, most the medication wound up on their fur, then the floor after they rolled around trying to rid themselves of it. 
After a few weeks when it was safe for me to treat them again, I was able to get ahold of a Combat Comb and I couldn’t believe how easily it parted the hair right down to the skin on both my dogs. I have a Maltese breed with longer hair and the comb parted his hair with ease. Once the part was made, ALL of the medication ended up on their skin and not the fur. Upon further inspection of both my dogs, the only fleas I found were dead fleas. This comb is a lifesaver, highly recommended to get the job done right FIRST time!

Shannon Marsh    Cherry Hill, NJ


The combat comb is amazing!!! I mostly use it on my cat and my beagle mix who has a crazy thick triple coat. Not kidding, dunk him in a tub of water and his skin is dry as a bone. Which always made applying the topical flea treatments to him especially difficult. The combat come was super easy to use and with only one hand. He didn't seem to mind as he just thought I was giving him a good scratch and pets. My pups with shorter hair didn't really need it, but if I can apply the treatment quickly and without getting it all over my hands, why not use it on them too! So we all get a turn. Wonderful product and would highly recommend!!

Willie Mojica    Asheville, NC

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