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Creating Combat Comb

In April of 2014, we adopted our first furbaby in Brooklyn, NY who was appropriately named "Brooklyn". As responsible new pet owners, we researched dog food, had her spayed, bought her fun toys, and of course treated her for fleas and ticks. The topical flea and tick treatement that our vet recommended failed. We tried again and our girl still had fleas!  After the second treatment, we realized the error of our ways .


The treatment was not being applied directly to the skin where most effective. When we first attempted the application of our flea treatment, one of us would try to hold her and part the fur in small areas with our fingers while the other attempted to squirt out the medicine. Brooklyn's hair was so thick that we couldn't even tell if we were down to the skin. All the while Brooklyn was biting, growling, and trying to get away. We dreaded doing this every month because it would take half an hour and we were all three covered in the medicine by the end! The worst part was that our skin probably received more liquid than the dog's skin!


After a summer where we had fleas from ineffective application, we began to search the internet for ways to ease this process. After this research and talking to others, we believed that the problem truely had not been solved. Over the next four years, we created sketches, designed prototypes of concepts, tested pets, tweaked prototypes, retested pets.. and landed at the product we have today.

The evolution of Combat Comb


The day we got Brooklyn


Brooklyn today!