How to Use 

Step 1A Brush.jpg

To use Combat Comb, the first step is to prepare.  Brush your animal thoroughly to organize and detangle the fur.

Step 1B uncap.JPG

Next, be sure to open the lid or cap of liquid you are applying so that you will have a free hand later

Step 2 Hold.jpg

Hold the comb as designed using the finger and thumb tabs.  This allows you to press and slide the comb through the animals furs correctly while shielding your fingers and holding the pet. 

Step 3B.JPG

Next, slide the comb against the lay of the pets fur pressing the arched curve against your pets skin.  As you silde, you will see the hair naturally part to the skin through the comb. With this step, you should be able see a column of skin or a very defined part in your pets fur before applying treatment.  We recommend parting the pets fur in a well lit area so you can see clearly.  It may be necessary to adjust the comb from left to right to line up perfectly with the parted fur.  Practice using the comb on your pet to perfect the technique. 

Part hair

Using your alternate hand, carefully despense the spot on skin treatement through the gap in the comb directly to your pets skin.  Depending on the size of your pet , amount of liquid, and areas required to be treated, you may need to repeat the process to completely and appropriatley despense treament. 

Apply treatment
Step 5 Wash.JPG

Once you are done, always wash combat comb before storing.  Combat Comb is also dish washer safe.